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Get consecutive appointments with Beckah for $300 you get 4 hrs with Beckah Boyd. That is a savings of $160!! Time can be split up however you choose and shared with whomever you would like!



Get Time!

If you are working through a particularly difficult time and know that you will be needing successive appointments, Beckah would like to give you the opportunity to save some money and by bulk readings!

Buy 6 1/2 Hour Consecutive Appointments for $300.00 and Save $140.00 that is a full hour FREE!! You can split it however you would like i.e. 12 appts of 15 minutes each, 6 of the half hour appts or 3 1 hour appointments or jumble them up depending on how you need them!

*Consecutive appointments will be booked ahead of time from date of payment. The Get Time! option is not available for parties or group readings. This is not the same as the Psychic On Call service under Business Services

Typical Rates

The following services are charged by time increments:
  • Medium Session
  • Tarot Reading
  • Palmistry
  • Animal Communication
  • Dowsing

  • When trying to use time Beckah encourages you to stay within budget by using the simple rule of thumb. If you are looking for divination i.e. Tarot, Palmistry, etc. Go for a 15 minute reading if its your first time. Medium sessions and other communication sessions usually require a half hour.
    Amount of Time

    Other Personal Services

    Dream Analysis
    Time: .5 hours
    Price: $70.00 USD
    Energy Work
    (Initial Appointment)

    Time: 1 hour
    Price: $140.00.00 USD
    Energy Work
    (Check In)

    Time: .5 hours
    Price: $70.00 USD

    House Cleansing
    & Blessing Package

    Time: 1.5 hours
    Price: $210.00 USD

    *Prices are based on average time frames, they may vary depending on time taken. You will be billed for the remainder if needed and are responsible for Beckah's travel fees

    Beckah's Services

    Here are just a few of Beckah's most popular services!

    Medium Sessions


    The ability to communicate with spirits. Beckah has used this ability to connect many with their loved ones.

    Tarot Reading


    Beckah uses the Tarot as a divination tool to see into the future for her clients, with an amazing accuracy.

    Animal Communication


    Beckah has used her abilities as an animal communicator to help many frustrated pet owners understand and work with behavioral issues.



    Using this method Beckah can predict past, current and future events by studying the lines in the clients hand and fingers.

    Latest Books


    GHOSTS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE'S LAKES REGION Take a tour of the hauntingly wonderful and wierd Lakes Region in New Hampshire with Beckah and Katie Boyd!


    A psychic's guide to relationships, the energy of orgasm and how to create a psychic sex connection!


    Learn about Beckah's own start as a psychic and how to understand your child's abilities.

    Other Projects


    Enjoy a fast paced but relaxing hour of psychic stimulation with Beckah Boyd only on


    A pinch of astrology, a cup of an ancient divination system known as the Tarot and an intuitive reader...what do you get? The Truthful Tarot!


    opening tagBeckah is truly the most gifted psychic I have ever met! She is talented & her readings are so accurate that it is scary. closing tag

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