Private Consultations/Investigations

Katie Boyd does not charge for her services as a demonologist in the field. All of the information shared between Katie and the client is maintained by a strict privacy policy. In which Katie does not share information gathered with anyone unless permission is given by the client beforehand and there is written approval. This is to safegaurd the victims of these horrific attacks, whether they be demonic, spirit or otherwise. If you need help she and her team will be right there for you! Investigations and evaluations are free! TO REQUEST AN INVESTIGATION OR EVALUATION CLICK HERE

Occult/Cult/Animal Crimes

Katie has been known to help law enforcement, and private case, dealing with both animal and human occult crimes. Her role is to figure out if the act was in fact ritually motivated, decipher occult symbolisms found on the scene, and to interpret these facts and give them to the necessary party.

Movies and Media

Want to bring some authenticity to your demonic story or plotline? Katie has helped numerous script writers and authors gather the necessary information to make their script stand out and seem really real.