About Katie

Katie is a Demonologist and Occult Sciences/Crimes Expert with over 20 years experience and study in both fields. With over thirty different major religious beliefs Katie has answered the call as a Demonologist and Occult Expert who is able to recognize entities from many different cultures and religious belief systems. Katie's aim is to empower both the afflicted and their family, help them to come to grips with their haunting and get them the help they need. Katie is an Occult/Paranormal author and lecturer residing in the state of New Hampshire but helping people all over the world with their demonic crises. She has also assisted in Occult Crimes cases.

Katie's story starts out much like anyone else involved in the paranormal, growing up in a highly negative haunted house, heavily influenced by the local priest Father B. who used to come and do cleansings and blessings on the house at Katie's mothers request. Katie became hungry as she grew older for information regarding hauntings, which ultimately led her to Occultism. Taking much of her occult format from ceremonial magick dating back as far as the Assyrians, and being influenced by many of the great occultists in the 13th and 14th centuries, as well as King Solomon she uses the knowledge she has gained to identify the entity. Katie does perform ritual cleansings to help force the entity into dormancy or banish it altogether. Katie has both medical and law enforcement background which she can draw upon when needed The Occult works she persued ultimately led her to Demonology, and answering the need for a Demonologist in her area. Even with the belief in inhuman entities (demons) Katie must come at it with a skeptical eye, and consults regularly with therapists and psychologists about her cases to ensure that there is not a medical diagnosis behind the phenomena. Because of Katie's dealings in the occult she has become a known figure when dealing with occult crimes.

Katie has been interviewed on various radio station and shows both internet and terrestrial. She has also been seen on The Haunted been interviewed for occult crimes knowledge by David Lohr of Aol News, about various movies with MTV News and on KABC radio in Los Angeles, CA.