The word Demonology was first used in 1597 and means the study of demons and/or evil spirits. This includes not just the Christian inhuman entities but also evil from all cultures. As a Demonologist you study and put into practice the knowledge you gather about these entities. As an occultist you must know how to harness the energy of both the highest good and the highest evil, in doing so you also encounter and learn to work with some of today's most feared otherworld personalities. Demons exist for only one reason, to break down the will and take the soul. As a demonologist I must take into account all things concerning the victim, Christian demons have a playbook as it were, they always follow a specific format and typically within about an hour or two you can discern whether or not you are dealing with a true demonic entity. However when dealing with evil spirits it is a completely different matter. Most people believe that entities such as those depicted in The Grudge is just a dark and twisted dream. Alas that is not the case, there are Hungry Spirits and Onryo, now although these entities both are from another country, much like bugs that travel with exotic fruits they have also found there way all over the world. I have personally dealt with a Hungry Spirit case and there are more than just that. In almost every culture there is some form of evil spirit and entity. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, a lot of cultures have different names for the same spirits but still each entity carries it's own M.O. my job as a Demonologist is to determine exactly who the culprit is.

That is not to say that every person who calls is having a demonic or evil spirit attacking them, most of the time there is a natural reason behind it. Such as medications (over the counter or prescription), illegal substances, psychological problems, there are in fact a plethora of mundane reasons. That is why as a Demonologist you have to evaluate everyone, you must sift through their histories and accounts with a fine tooth comb, because if you misconstrue or feed into a belief that the victim holds and they are not in fact having any real attack you could do more harm than good. I am often let down by these all powerful entities, looking foward to a real demonic attack and it turns out to be something completely common. When entering a situation you must go in as a complete skeptic, if the facts are there then you can begin to really think about your next step.

Known to many Demonology is seen strictly as a Catholic or Christian practice, back in the times of the Sumerians they had "sorcerers" in essence occultists who handled both their demonology and exorcism. Buddhist priests have their own rituals to help the negative spirits find their release, all over the world there are different terms for Demonologist and Exorcist but in essence they are exactly the same, they both help the victim and depending upon the situation, the spirit.

Steps to a True Demonic Haunting

"There is a method to their chaos,
every demon has a plan, and every haunting a pattern. This is it."

~ Katie Boyd

Every demon has to have an invitation to come into your life. Sometimes this can be concious invitation such as an unexperienced person playing around with magickal texts, or summoning books. Or it can be unconcious such as an unexperienced person using the ouija board or spirit board. Did you notice how in both cases the person was unexperienced? If you do not know what your doing don't do it. This is the first step to avoiding an issue with the demonic.

If you have either conciously or unconciously let a demon into your home the next phase you will go through is called infestation. This is when they start to wear down on your will. The more you fear the things going on around you the more you are feeding the demon. This stage is all about fear, you will see things out of the corner of your eyes such as black clouds or black figures, headlights pulling in your driveway, a black form may come in sit down and vanish in front of you. Audible phenomena with a pattern such as three knocks on your door, muted talking, heavy breathing, growling. You can sometimes smell rotting flesh, something similar to a burnt match, or manure.
Physical phenomena such as keeping you awake can occur, unexplained fear or depression. The demons will not do any other physical harm to you at this stage because then you would catch on and not shrug it off like they want you to. However they will interrupt your daily life with phenomena around the house such as, moving holy objects (your religion does not matter if it is considered holy to you they will mess with it), lights going on and off, phones may not ring.
At this stage they have you believing your just a little crazy, and questioning what you see, but they figure if your accepting of what they are doing they, that they push it a little farther.

When they have tested their limits, and found they have none in your home they start to invite their friends to the party. This is the stage of oppression, this is when demonics true colors come out. Usually at this point they have a primary target, so they will do everything they can to get that target away from family and friends. They typically go for the most vulnerable first, most of the time it is the female. The demons are no longer careful about their manifestations, you will see left footprints and handprints, written blasphemies (in your religion) that will reappear after being cleaned, levitation of heavy large objects (such as doors, people, washer machine), random outbreaks of fire, teleportation of large objects (your refrigerator will suddenly be in your attic), breathing walls and doors, feces being thrown at you through the walls. You will hear demonic phonecalls (phone rings you pick it up and there is a high static screeching voice on the other end of the line), commanding voices, as well as what was mentioned earlier in infestation.
You can be physically attacked in a variety of ways such as, scratches, bruises, burns, blinding headaches, psychic slashes that burn and heal quickly (often 3 vertical and 4 horizontal), arms wrenched behind you, strangling sensations, coldness in your bones and you can't get warm, feelings of being raped.

As the demonic entites have worn down your will to almost nothing they will close in, and begin the final stage, possession. Unless you are experienced or the sign are completely obvious it is hard to tell when someone is possessed, if you feel a person is contact a demonologist, exorcist or priest right away. Here are some of the signs, their eyes are alert and wide but all you will see it darkness and hate, physical strength up to 6 fold, sudden development of psychic abilites (knowledge of the future and your secrets), multiple voices coming from one person, knowledge of languages unknown to the possessed before, imitation of a passed loved one, abnormal body movements.
The demonic entities can and will jump in and out of the possessed causing "black out" periods (missing time), this person can one moment be fine and the next be given to spurts of anger, and will not answer to their own name.
Again I stress if you feel that any of these symptoms in any stage pertains to you, a friend or a loved please call a demonologist, exorcist or priest.